E4’s Misfits series 2 begins filming and announces transmission date!

So as filming kicks off on the second series of the fantastic Misfits Channel 4 have released a little press release to give you all the info on the 2nd series, due to air this November.

I loved the first series, much more than I was expecting to, so I’m really excited to see where the creators take the gang in the second series.

‘This sort of thing only happens in America…

Filming begins on E4’s BAFTA-nominated smash hit drama series MISFITS II; so strap on your ankle tags and lock up your kids, it’s all about to kick off again.

“Misfits blazed onto the screen with a terrific sense of humour, self confidence and brio”  – Daily Telegraph

“..a script that fizzes with wit and invention and a charismatic cast of next generation talentTime Out

“Misfits is funny, scary, full of emotion and character and…banter that would drop Joss Whedon from a hundred paces”

Bleeding Cool

Misfits is the most brilliantly aimed teen gang adventure there may have been on TV”

London Evening Standard

Everyone’s favourite ASBO teens, Nathan (Robert Sheehan), Kelly (BAFTA-nominee Lauren Socha), Curtis (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett), Alisha (Antonia Thomas) and Simon (Iwan Rheon) are back for a second series of E4’s hit comedy drama Misfits.

So to recap; a freak storm left our posse of social outcasts with slightly crap super powers;  Curtis can turn back time, Kelly can read minds, Simon can turn invisible and Alisha can send people into a sexual frenzy with just one touch.  Then there’s their two dead probation workers (one is buried under the local environmental monitoring station; the other stored in a freezer in the community centre).  And finally, unbeknownst to the others, Nathan is trapped six feet under in a coffin, immortal and very much alive.

But it’s not just the ASBO Five who were affected by the storm. With the super-charged local townsfolk going the way of Gotham City, each week as we head back to the community centre our gang will be faced with a whole new world of weird and wild characters.

And just who IS the masked, hooded stranger who seems to be watching their every move? A force for good? An evil arch-nemesis intent on bringing about our gang’s destruction? Or just another kid in a hoodie?

The 6 x 60 min series will be produced by Clerkenwell Films (Afterlife, Persuasion) for transmission on E4 in November 2010.

Director Tom Green (Misfits I) returns to the helm along with writer Howard Overman (Misfits, Merlin), producer Kate Crowe (Misfits I) and executive producers for Clerkenwell Films Murray Ferguson and Petra Fried.  The new series has been greenlit by Drama Commissioning Editor, Robert Wulff-Cochrane

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  1. I Hope he has his Mobile phone down in the grave, or else he will have to wait for a Passing Mind Reader to put flowers on his grave.

    • 51gan /

      Series 2 misfits trailer is out now on youtube!!!!!!

  2. Georgia /

    Too bad nathan hasn’t got his phone. anyway he wouldn’t get any signal. please say that Kelly comes past, reads his mind, goes and tells the gang that he aint dead and digs him up. 🙂

  3. mreyelash /

    This is an awesome series that warrants way more than the pitiful 6 episodes allocated for series 2. Series 1 went down a storm so someone should have taken the lead and insisted on taking series 2 over at least 12 episodes! I am eager for its return but already saddened by its short life!!!!

  4. Megan /

    i couldnt beleive nathan died in the beginging but then wen he woke up i was sooo excited and i was wondering how hes going to get out…but now that i have thought about it, i think kelly is going to put flowes on his grave and hear his mind then she might go and get the others and someone to get him out! x

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