Fox gives ‘Prison Break’ the death sentence

It’s time to say goodbye to the guys who broke out of prison, broke out of prison again, then- what they did after that doesn’t exactly fit with the title, does it? I guess that’s why Fox has decided to bring Prison Break to an end. Execs at Fox say their reason for canceling the drama is that the show had already told all the stories it could, so there is no where else for the show to venture. I have to agree. Realisticly, it should have been 2 seasons, max; one to show them breaking out, and another to prove Michael Scofield’s brother innocent. 

Going from season to season, the series’ connection to its premise began to hung by a thinner thread. Now that we’re at season four, there is no prison and it really resembles a spy show more than anything else. I don’t say good riddance, because I think this cast of actors was a lot of fun to watch, but I do say good riddance to Prison Break, an example of what happens when you ride a good wave for much too long.


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  1. naysue /

    But honestly, wasn’t it time? I mean they broke out of prison! How much more could the writers come up with for a show titled PRISON BREAK. lol

    • geeksyndicate /

      To be honest I jumped ship after season 1….I’m surprised as hell it went on for this long. I liked it but kinda went off the boil for me once they broke out.

      • vichussmith /

        They definitely got greedy, especially with season 4. The premise of season 3, when he goes to yet another prison, was silly too. I just stayed for the acting.

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