Green Lantern: The Animated Series is coming to Cartoon Network

According to The Hollywood Reporter the Cartoon Network is working on a Green Lantern animated series.

Phil Kent, chairman and CEO of Time Warner’s Turner networks unit, showed a slide with some of Cartoon Network’s original programming here Thursday at TW’s investor day.

It included the title “Green Lantern: The Animated Series.”

However, before you get too excited, the show is not due to air until ‘a while’ after the Green Lantern film hits our screens next June.

I think this is great news. I miss shows like Batman TAS, Superman TAS, Justice League and JLU.  If this latest animated addition can hit those same epic high notes of it’s predessors then we should be onto a winner folks.

If we get a similar look and feel to the direct to DVD animated film ‘Green Lantern: First Flight’ then I think that should keep the fans happy. At the moment though it’s still early days with no word on who’s going to be handling the animation or any voice casting.

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Source: Hollywood Reporter

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