Heroes Season 3, Episode 18: Exposed

This review contains minor spoilers

This review contains minor spoilers

Wow, it must really suck to have to live in a closet. Claire’s big plan to keep Alex hidden from the government. The problem is that you might be able to keep a secret from goons with guns, but you cannot hide anything from Mr. Muggles! Claire finally has to come clean with her mom about Alex. Turns out she should have gone to her mom all along, because Claire’s mom is pretty good at plotting and scheing herself. They come up with a plan to smuggle Alex out of the house and away to freedom.

Sylar continues his road trip to find his elusive father. On the way, he suddenly comes upon a place he remembers being to as a child. I guess his memory has been supressed because of the traumatic even that happened so long ago, but now he recalls it all. This gives him yet another reason to meet his dear ol’ dad.

Peter and Matt buddy up with the enigmatic Rebel to invade building 26. By now, if you’re a long time Heroes fan, you know who this Rebel probably is. If you don’t I wont even hint at who it is

Rate it: 3

Yep, averqage scores are running rampant for this volume of heroes. I need a game changer, and I hope that next episode will be it, given the predicament that Matt Parkman has found himself in.

Dry Slaps: 1

So Alex goes from nerd to hunk in his second episode? Come on! Did Claire fall for this guy so easy.

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