I’m Spartacus….the TV Series

The scene in Spatacus where all the other slaves are claiming to be the former slave/gladiator turned rebel leader was one of my fave movie scenes. Of course had I had been one of the other slaves my little contribution to that moment would have been slightly less heroic.

“He’s Spactus! the bloke with the big chin,” as I pointed to Kirk Douglas. I know, I know but I’m sorry I’m allegic to Crucifixtion. 

Anyway it seems the classic sword and sandals epic is to be given the TV series treatment. Staz has given the go ahead for a 13 – episode series to be produced by executive producers Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert and Joshua Donen.

Apparently, according to the story over at Hollywood Reporter the series will take the classic story to reimagine it for today’s audiences(not sure what that means).

The series will also be shot in the style of sin city and 300 using virtual environments. 

Now I love sword and sandals stuff so I’m happy to give this a watch, however I would rather see a brand new completely original S & S(come on you know what it  stands for by now) rather than a ‘reimagining’ of something that’s already been done (though not as a TV show I’ll give them that).

I’m also worried about this  “almost 100% virtual environment,” stuff. One of the reasons I love the Lord of the Rings movies so much wasn’t because of the CGI but rather all the awesome landscapes and locations used…real locations. Also surely there’s less of a budget to play with on a TV show than the likes of “300” and “Sin City” which makes me even more worried. Still, I’ll wait until I’ll see some footage before I start frothing at the mouth

If they shot that ‘I’m Spartacus’ scene with my aforementioned little twist (Staz I’m available for cameo work) then I’m all for it.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

GS Reporter: The Nuge

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