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Episode 1 has only just been shown, (and a cracking episode it was as far as I’m concerned), and already the rumours about its cancellation are flying.  It’s no secret that ITV is in trouble and as Adrian Hodges said on our show a couple of weeks ago.

Rich Johnston reported the following on his gossip column “Lying in the Gutters”, on Monday

ITV, has been severely affected by the recession. Even though its viewing figures have been high, advertising spending is dropping across the board (tell me about it) and the company has been laying off hundreds and cancelling drama in favour of reality shows all over the place, including closing down long standing busy studios and cancelling the programs they provide.

In this context, I understand that despite the production company in question, Impossible Pictures, being well into pre-production for a fourth series of “Primeval,” they’ve been told it will no longer be required. Currently the company is taking meetings in LA to try and secure a US version of the show.

As a lover of this series I was truly disappointed at the thought of this series cancellation so I got in touch with Adrian Hodges the series creator and head writer to find out the truth, and he had this to say,

there’s a certain amount of truth in that but the picture isn’t as bleak as it’s painted there. It’s undeniable that ITV are scaling back their high end drama  over the next twelve months. Primeval isn’t exempt from that economising but unlike some other dramas it hasn’t been cancelled or shelved. We certainly face a longer delay going back into production than we’d anticipated, but development remains active and ITV have indicated that they definitely want us back provided the ratings hold up this time. The chances are though that we’ll be delayed by a few months while ITV get themselves together and work out what they’ve got to spend. But as I said, we have assurances at the highest level that they love the show, regard it as one of their most important dramas, and have every intention of bringing it back in due course. They’re still spending money on development of our 4th series, which as the story rightly says, is well underway. Obviously we’d prefer to be going straight back into production, but it looks like we have to be patient – but I have to stress, we’re in a better position than many other shows.

The US story is also true, in that we’ve begun talks for an American show, but that’s at an early stage and is in no way related to ITV’s decisions over here. It’s an expansion of the show in the way that CSI went to Miami and New York and so on. But I have to stress, it’s very early days.

My reaction – phew thank God I’m loving this show and I think it’s got a goodly amount of play left in it.

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It’s really rather good

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