ITV gets ‘Life:’ C’mon, UK, can we trade?

My #1 pick to play The Question


Life, a dramedy of sorts about a cop who comes back to detective work after being falsely accused of murder, is now going to be shown on UK’s ITV.

If you haven’t seen Life, first off, it’s great. Secondly, it stars Damian Lewis (who I’ve only seen before in Forsythe Saga). Damian Lewis is what sells the show, much like how millions of viewers go to House for Hugh Laurie’s portrayal of a cranky, brilliant and eccentric doctor.

The hook to Det. Crews in Life is that he went into prison as an average cop, and came out as a weird, new-agey guy with a different outlook on life and a new approach to detective work. Still, he doesn’t hesitate to get tough, loves “female companionship,” and, thanks to his settlement, rich as hell.  So, ITV, we give you this great show, but where’s the equivalent exchange? I want No Heroes over in the US post haste! Make with the comedy, already!


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  1. Amaechi /

    Life is a great series. I’ve watched the complete 1st series and loved it. I definitely recommend this to any UK reader that hasn’t seen this.

  2. fred /

    This is an excellent series and I’m liking the second season even more than the first. And it doesn’t hurt that his partner is very easy on the eyes.

    No Heroics is fantastic, but, as much as I would love it to be shown here, I can’t see any station here in the US not editing the joy out of it.

    • vichussmith /

      Well, BBC America was pretty uncensored. They showed this show NY/Lon with nudity and all. Still, they blank out Gordon Ramsay’s profanity.

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