McG becomes a Human Target!

McG (what does that even stand for? is it a new type of burger, who knows) is signed on to work on a pilot called Human Target. The series will be about  a decoy-for-hire who help people in trouble be assuming their identity. 

After the reading the brief blurb in this upcoming action adventure I like the sound of it. It sounds little bit like Quantum Leap mixed with the A-team and a dash of Macgver.

Time will tell if the pilot is any good or if we get a series out of it.

Source: Variety

GS Reporter: Nuge

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  1. roy3 /

    It was a series staring Rick Springfield in the 90’s. It only lasted 8 episodes.

  2. roguespirit /

    I loved the comic series, this has promise and McG produced Supernatural, one of my favourite shows at the moment so this could be good

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