My Worst Enemy Dropped

Don't mess with Edward...or is it Henry

It is with a heavy heart that I pass this news on, cos I’ve really been enjoying this series.  It stars Christian Slater as family man Henry, who learns that he is an artifically induced personality, his real name is Edward and he is actually a cold blooded killing machine working missions for a secret government organisation.  This show caused a peak in google searches for the words “Hummingbird” after episode 2.  I’m not gonna say why but it involved, Edward, Henry’s wife and a shocking (apparently) sexual activity.

Christian Slater has been playing the different personalities so well that you can tell which character he is at any given time with just a glance – that’s good acting.  But not good enough it seems.

NBC considered’Enemy’ an important show. A spy thriller with a grown-up budget inspired by the “Bourne” movies, “Enemy” was given the post-“Heroes” time period. That didn’t work out though, as “Heroes” itself is loosing viewers.  “Enemys” figures dropped and so was the show.  They are currently shooting it’s ninth and last episode and no one knows how many more will be shown.

What I’m trying to get my head round is that while this is dropped, Knight Rider gets a reboot.  There aint no justice in the world, I’m telling ya, there just aint.

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Source: Hollywood Reporter

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  1. fred /

    You are right. Being wedged between Chuck and Enemy was the main reason I continued to watch Heroes. I cling to hope that Middleman will be back.

  2. geeksyndicate /

    Didn’t get past episode 2 of Middleman. Was it worth continuing?

  3. fred /

    I think the episodes got better and better. If nothing else skip ahead to the episode with Kevin Sorbo.

  4. vichussmith /

    You bet your sweet bippy it was worth continuing! Middleman, for the few who cheered on its existence, was the little comic book TV show that could. So you’d go through nearly a decade of Smallville, but Middleman’s not worth a go? C’mon, dude. It was a refreshing take on heroics, in my opinion. I also want anything involving comic books to get a fair shot. Middleman’s (I guess last-ever) episode was awesome- about alternate universes and Snake Plisskin references. If it never shows up again, they went out on a good episode.

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