One Idiots Opinion #1

Where I basically check out some of this weeks comic and nerd related news and give my totally uninformed opinion all nice and ready for the rest of the online world to tear to peices.

So to start :

Jim Lee and Geoff Johns made DC Execs

Ok, I can see how this is going. Geoff Johns’s contract is probably almost due up. He is doing totally kickass work over there and they don’t want him to leave, therefore its promotion city! Think it’s the clever move. Not saying DC would fall apart without him, but they’d be idiots not to do anything to try and keep him on as he’s really revitalised a lot of their properties and done it in a way that both works for the hardcore and is also accessable to the all important newbies.

As for Jim Lee… CRAP!! Stop giving him other goddamn jobs! I LOVE All Star Batman and Robin, stop distracting the bastard with games and exec stuff. Just lock him in a room Misery style and threaten to get the mallets out if he doesn’t rattle off an issue a month. DO you know how long I’ve been waiting for the second hard back of this? Dont piss me off man.

New Doctor Who Trailer hits the net

Ooooh, swirly! Well my first thought on this was “Hey, that redhead doesnt look as painfully thin as she did in the photos”. Yeah Im going the shallow route but screw it. I’ve had years of my wife dry humping the TV whenever Tennant came on, so it’ll be nice to have a hot girl on there for a change while all she has to look at is the lovechild of Rondo Hatton and Tommy Cooper. Still though, it looks fun. Yeah the usual mob are complaining but you know what, if I was 10 I’d have thought that teaser was AWESOME so job done. The real audience is catered for and you know the writing team are good enough to put in stuff for the parents and/or the older nerds who love a bit of sci-fi with their Saturday tea.

Jonathan Ross’s “Turf” to get previewed in Walking Dead 70

Usually I’m more than a little wary of celebs who bring out comics… yeah Virgin Comics, I’m looking at you… well, I would be if you were still going. Anyway, I’m more than willing to give this one a chance. Basically because Mr Ross is one of us. Yeah, he’s CRAZY wealthy, but he’s always worn his nerdy heart on his sleeve and been a bit of a champion both for comics in the UK and general geek culture so you know for him this is more of a chance to do something in the medium he loves rather than turn a quick buck or try and get a frigging movie made. Plus he has a hot redhead wife so that gives him a pass too. I just hope when it does come out he resists the urge to leave “I’ve nailed Mary Jane AND Gwen Stacey” messages on Stan Lee’s answerphone.

Geoff Johns confirms Mark Strong as Sinestro

Ok… this was a rumour for a while and now its apparenlty been confirmed, but I read online this was seen as stunt casting. What the hell? Its not exactly Jack Nicholson as the Joker is it? While he’s a good actor they arent exactly going to put him in the movie to bring in the legions of Mark Strong devotees are they? What this tells me is the same thing that casting Heath Ledger told me – “Crap, his audition must have rocked”. Cool stuff. Stunt casting woulda been Hugh Laurie… though to be fair that would be cool too. And remember folks, there was a time Green Lantern was going to be Jack Black. Nothing can make this movie as awful as that woulda been.

Stephen Norrington confirms Crow reboot still going ahead

Ok, I can see how this will be seen as sacreligious to hordes of emo’s who still have the big Brandon Lee poster up on the wall. I dont know though.

To give the history I was a HUGE Crow fan. I read and loved the book and when I saw in the paper Brandon Lee had died while shooting The Crow my first thought was “The Crow…. MY Crow? The book I re-read every month?”. So yeah, I was invested. And you know what, he was amazing in it and Alex Proyas knocked it out of the park directorally. But as anyone who has read the book knows the movie version was still seriously watered down and the last 10 minutes of the film stunk of studio compromise. So, while I do think the love for the original is well deserved, part of me would still love to see them make a darker, more bleak version closer to the source. And if they do and it sucks, my 2 disk special edition will still be there. Cant be any worse than the sequels they did do, right?

And to finish

Every good column should have a good picture, even if I do have to come up with a desperate and tenous link to post it. So as I’ve heard Anne Hathaway’s name thrown about for Catwoman in a Dark Knight sequel I thought I’d post the pic I saw yesterday that made me think “Hell yeah, she could do it”. Actually it made me think she could do quite a lot of things, but I digress.

– Richard McAuliffe


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  1. Jim will find time to draw. It’ll probably be at the same pace he normally has been due to exec position he already has. Actually, he’s been drawing a lot lately. If his Twitter feed is to be believed. (He twitpics sketches constantly, it seems).

    New hot redhead DW asst. Nice…

    Looking forward to Wossy’s comic for sure. Glad they are putting it in the back of TWD. I know you’re not a fan of it, but it has a huge readership and this will be great exposure for it. My Anglophile self knows who he is, but many Americans probably don’t.

    Original Crow comic. LOVE. Brandon Lee movie is one of my faves. Forget the sequels though. I did like the TV series that aired over here in the states as well. Think they were the 1st to tackle a female crow character. Which the 2nd movie should have done to try to differentiate it from the 1st. Instead they get a Brandon Lee-type. But, I digress. I’m open to a remake. Let’s see what they got.

    Nice gratuitous photo of Miss Hathaway there. You had to go all the way to Russia to find it though? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. urbanvox /

    Oh hell yeah,… I could think of a few things she could do… ๐Ÿ™‚

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