Primeval Season 3 Trailer

Primeval returns to itv in the spring and I can’t wait, especially given the way season 2 ended. So once again we can enjoy the exploits of Nick ‘distant cousin of Indiana Jones’ and his team as they battle creatures from our past and future. 

Here the trailer for season 3. According to wikipedia (so don’t rely on it 100%) the show is due back on our screens 14th Feb.

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  1. Janmarcuus /

    Hi all! I would like to ask you a favour…
    I’m italian, and i can’t understand very well this trailer :S can someone write the sentences they say, or at least explain me the meaning and the bit of the plot you can understand seeing it?
    Thanks to all 🙂

  2. Peppe /

    Me too, please!

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