Supernatural moves on, but Creators hop out the Chevy Impala

Supernatural is getting another season. If you’ve been following the long-running kicking-the-ass-of-demons-and-whatnot show, I think you’re pretty caught up on the storyline up to this point. Why go spoiling details for people who haven’t? 😉

Well, this was supposedly going to be the final season of Supernatural, with the creators having a 5 season plan. Those plans were changed. The show will go on, but it will have to go on without Eric Kripke and Robert Singer. Kripke is the creator of Supernatural and the Show runner duties have been passed on to Sera Gamble, who has been a part of the show since the beginning.


So the show seems to be in good hands, even though it’s going to stretch further than was first expected. Kripke will not totally disappear anyway. He’s still part of the show as exec. producer.

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