“Undercovers” is K.I.A.- Here’s Why

It turned out to be a mission impossible.

News came down recently that Undercovers , a show about a married couple who are also spies, had been canceled. Being co-created by JJ Abrams was its major selling point, but having J.J. Abrams’ name on your series is not a guaranteed stamp of success. Why did it die? I think I know.

It’s Not a Black Thing- It’s a Wack Thing

So would a show fail on US TV if its stars were black? Maybe. However, the failure of Undercovers does not rest in people saying “this isn’t a show for someone like me” It’s mostly because this show is not really worth watching, plain and simple. I think people may have not watched it at all because they aren’t interested in a spy show. The others took one look at this show and figured they were better off without it in their life.

Good Setup, Bad Execution

Man, if I compiled the opening scene of each episode of Undercovers, people would go “Heeey, what show is that?”  I would then say “It’s Undercovers” causing them to lose all interest. To me, there is a delicate balance between light-hearted action-adventure and  dark violence. Undercovers could not find that balance. Oftentimes, the first scene of each episode is either brutal or startling. Then we go from that to characters who we are supposed to endearing, but instead prove to be bland.

The Running gags make me Gag

This show is supposed to make you laugh. No, really! Too bad that Undercovers‘ usual jokes fall flat. The Blooms usually have cute arguments concerning their life before they worked together, and when the yuks aren’t to be had there, Agent Hoyt is there to be wacky and awkward! Yech. No matter how many times he says it, calling Sam Bloom “Mrs Agent Bloom” or fawning over Steven Bloom’s previous missions isn’t going to make me laugh. Neither is a catering company subplot.

This is NOT a Cooking Show!

At first, seeing these two spies also balance their own catering business was alright, a novel civilian identity. Then it got boring, and useless, and confusing. Now I forget how the Blooms even excuse their absences from the business. Towards the end, they had actors added to the catering company to play off of Sam’s sister, but they did not make me love the b-plots either. Simply a waste.

I Hate because I Love

If Undercovers accomplished anything, it exposed Gugu Mbatha-Raw to an American audience who knew nothing of her beforehand. It may have also made the NBC crowd aware of Boris Kodjoe. I have listed a lot I found wrong with Undercovers, but There is one thing I will be dreading once this show is no longer on the air:  will we ever learn this mysterious “real reason” the Blooms were reactivated? With only 13 episodes to the season, it may stay a mystery.

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