A Town Called Eureka S04E01 “Founders Day” – Review

I have a strange Relationship with “Eureka”. I Love the show! but for some reason I miss massive chunks of the show. Since the end of last season i have pretty much filled in all the blank spots. I was excited about the new season starting and i wasn’t disappointed at all.


The Episodes see’s the towns people getting ready to celebrate Founders Day, the anniversary of the towns official founding.  during the preparations Zane Proposes to Jo and doesn’t get the response he expected and Kevin (the autistic kid) is putting together some old machine that was built around the time the town was founded.

The machine in question turns out to be a device built be Albert Einstein and Dr Grant (two of the original founders). This device is designed to  create a bridge in space-time allowing people to travel through time….

….well Jack, Jo, Allison, Fargo and Henry are pulled back to 1945 where the run afoul of the US army who think they are spies. With the help of Dr Grant (played by James Callis of Battlestar Galactica fame) they manage to get home to their own time.

but things take a twist when the 5 returned time travellers discover that things have been altered by something they did in 1945. the episode ends with the reveal that Dr Grant has Tagged along with them to 2010.

The episode is a fantastic start to the new season and sets up a story line i hope isn’t resolved next week. everyone does their part and it’s great to see James Callis in anything as he was one of the best thing in BSG and a great actor. Also the choice to use sepia tones for the section of the episode set in 1945 we excellent.

This episode also has one of the funniest Terminator visual gags ever!

Great start to the season and lots of great set up! 4 out of 5 stars!!


  1. Max /

    I am a follower of this series, but I found a strange little part in the ‘previously on Eureka’ at the start of the ep. There is a snippet where Carter is talking to a hologram! I have not seen that in any ep, unless its one I missed. It suggests that he is talking to Tess while she is in Australia, but that the distance is too hard to manage… I have not seen this in any previous ep.

    Have I missed something or an ep??


    • matt pease /

      i think that was just a added in bit to tell that story point without dedicating too much time! you can tell it was added in at the last minute as she is wearing the same clothes as when he gets back to his house at the end of the episode and finds she is there!

  2. Charlie Boy /

    Looking forward to the new series.

  3. Chris Pearson /

    Just watched this episode for the first time, UK only just arrived, pushed all the right buttons for me, big fan.

  4. Paul Smith /

    One thing I didn’t understand about the time travel changing history thing in series 5, is they had used it in the past in ‘Once in a Lifetime’ when Henry tried to change history so Kim didn’t die in the accident. Yet at that time Sheriff Carter had to go back and prevent Henry from doing this because changing history could cause anomalies and cause reality to be destroyed. Yet here they have changed the timeline and they are going to leave it alone. When objects started appearing in ‘Crossing Over’ I thought the anomaly thing was happening again, but it wasn’t due to that. I don’t mind pseudo-science but I do like series to be consistent, especially as I really liked Kim;-)

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