Caprica Season 1 Episode 3 – Gravedancing

Episode 3 of Caprica continues in the same vein as the two other episodes – the episode focuses on the many characters that we have been introduced to so far, and how they are dealing with the aftermath of the train bombing. Amanda Graystone has admitted to the world that she thinks her daughter was a terrorist and involved in the bombing. As a result, Daniel Graystone’s company’s stock is falling sharply and the Graystones are arguing hat Amanda should have kept quiet. Sister Clarice, a teacher at the school who confessed to Lacy that she is a member of the Soldiers of the One, is gently trying to coerce Lacy into telling her about Zoe’s avatar. Joseph Adama is still struggling with the death of his wife and daughter, Tamara. Adama attacks Graystone – he blames him for Tamara’s death because he “raised a terrorist” in Zoe.

Caprica is still gripping, but as the episodes go on it seems to be getting more and more complex. More and more characters are being woven into the mix, and the threads that link them all together are getting more and more complex. It seems as though Caprica is setting a lot of things up for future episodes, which is fine, but at times it feels a little too complicated, for a weekly episode driven TV show.

We are introduced to the virtual world that Sister Clarice, the school teacher, uses to commune with the rest of the Soldiers of the One, and it is here that she reveals that she is looking for Zoe’s avatar because she believes that it will be useful for the terrorist organisation. So it appears that Zoe is just a teenage girl trying to get her life back after she died, but there is a more sinister use being planned for her avatar. Sister Clarice is growing into a complex and potentially sinister character, but for the first time we realise that there is someone above her pulling the strings. Someone that is not revealed to the audience.

Zoe and her struggle with her avatar and robot body are still the centre that the show revolves around, and this is the most compelling part of the show so far. Also interesting is the fact that Zoe has found a way to get back into the virtual world that she inhabited before, and when she and Lacy meet there, the avatar of Tamara Adama is still there. With some help from Lacy and Zoe, Tamara leaves to find her “own way home”, just as her father manages to convince Daniel Graystone to take him back into the virtual world to look for her. This, we see at the end of the episode, could lead to some serious ramifications for the Graystones.

We also learn that Ben Stark, Zoe’s boyfriend and the actual train bomber, was in police custody a year before the bombing and was let go. Once again, science fiction reminds us that it is a genre that is well able and confident in exploring social issues and contemporary responses to them.

It is obvious that when everything comes together that it is going to be an explosive ending, but for now, Caprica needs to slow down a little and explore each strand of the story before weaving in another one. The show is interesting in it’s exploration of social, ethnic and religious issues, but it seems to have forgotten to look over its shoulder to make sure that the audience is still keeping up. That said, however, the show is definitely gearing up for something big, and we are along for the ride, we may just have to rewatch old episodes when the time comes, in order to pull everything together for ourselves.

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