Caprica Season 1 Episode 9 – End of Line

From the opening scene, we know that Zoe will finally try and make her escape from her father’s lab in this episode. End of Line is framed by a sequence in which the Zoe robot is being chased by the military. How this happened is the subject of the episode.

The major events of the episode are as follows: The military move Daniel Graystone’s deadline for creating more than one Cylon from a month to a week, prompting him to sell the Caprica Bucaneers to Vergis in order to save the company. Amanda Graystone is still plagued by her past and the new knowledge that her husband had something to do with the robbery at the Vergis Corporation which led to the deaths of two men. Sister Clarice and Barnabas are butting heads over how the STO should proceed in the wake of the bombing that killed Zoe. Lacy is being drawn further into the STO, Joseph Adama is getting more and more sucked into the V world in his search for Tamara and Zoe is getting itchy feet.

By the end of the episode Zoe has learned that her father has to wipe the MC clean in order to duplicate it, which means that she will be destroyed. This, and the fact that she has accidentally killed the lab tech Philomon – who she was flirting with in V world – prompt her to run. As well as this, Barnabas decides to test Lacy and forces her to blow up Sister Clarice’s car, just as she is making her escape to Geminon to tell STO HQ what he is up to. Clarice is spared, however, when she gets out of her car to look at Amanda Graystone, who is jumping off a bridge and – we presume – committing suicide. Joseph Adama has found Tamara in V world but she shoots his avatar – effectively banning him from New Cap City.

This is one of the more complex and detailed episodes of Caprica that we have seen so far, but we knew it was coming. The past two episodes have been setting up a big finish and this is the episode where it all comes together. After this, Caprica – as a show – must take a turn and change. After all, Zoe has finally escaped from her father but has killed a man in the process. The last we see of her in the episode is when the truck she is driving is blown up at a roadblock. Zoe revealed herself to Philomon, then killed him, but the fact that she is making a break for freedom surely has revealed that there is more going on there than just a robot. The image she has worked so hard to build up around herself has finally been shattered. Even if Zoe somehow survives another explosion, there is no way that she can go back to her father.

Amanda Graystone appears to have killed herself. The image of a happy and content marriage finally shattered by Vergis’s accusations about her husband. Not only does this mean that her character is dead, but Daniel Graystone has lost both his wife and daughter in one day. Surely this will have a massive effect on his character. The same goes for Joseph Adama who finds Tamara in V world, only for her to kill his avatar, meaning that he can never return to New Cap City and thus has lost her for a second time.

Barnabas and Clarice have gone from anger and mistrust simmering under the surface to out and out war and Lacy has been dragged in with them. Lacy, for all she knows, killed Sister Clarice when the bomb went off in her car and this must have an effect on Lacy and where her character will go from here.

All in all, End of Line was a complicated episode, but perhaps one of the most fulfilling so far. So much had been established in the season so far that it was starting to become routine, it was time to shake up the formula and that is exactly what this episode of Caprica did. As for where the show goes from here, who knows, but one thing is clear, none of the characters can go back to the way they were before, and this is exactly what the show needs to keep it fresh and entertaining.

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