Dollhouse Season 2 Episode 11 Getting Closer

In episode 10 of Dollhouse we learned that DeWitt, Echo and Echo’s sidekicks were joining forces to bring down Rossum from the inside. In Getting Closer, Echo demands that she be imprinted with Caroline, her original self, as she is the only person they know of, who has met Clyde’s partner – the mysterious head of Rossum.

The LA Dollhouse arranges for Bennet – the lab tech at the Washington DC Dollhouse and former best friend of Caroline – to be kidnapped and brought to LA to try and fix the Caroline imprint wedge. The imprint had been smashed, but is needed if the gang are ever to find out who the other head of Rossum is.

In this episode of Dollhouse, even more back story is revealed. We learn how Benne and Caroline became friends, how they ended up breaking into Rossum together and we finally see the return of Dr Saunders (Amy Acker). Saunders, it seems, has been shacked up with Boyd since she left The Dollhouse, and now that the house is in crisis – Dominic emerges from The Attic to tell Echo that Clyde has been killed and Rossum are onto them – it is judged to be the right time for her to return.

The episode preoccupies itself with the past, but we do see some unexpected twists. Saunders appears in Topher’s lab after he and Bennet have finally kissed, and kills her. As to why she left Topher alive is a matter still up for debate, but this truly was a shocking moment. Saunders has always been slightly mentally fragile, but this twist was unforeseen.

As was the plot twist that we were left hanging on: Topher recovers enough from seeing Bennet killed to get the Caroline imprint working and it is revealed that the other head of Rossum, apart from Clyde, is none other than Echo’s first handler, Boyd. This twist manages to add an emotional depth to the episode and the few that we have left remaining.

As soon as Dollhouse answers some questions it leaves us with more that remain a mystery, and this is what Dollhouse does best. Now that DeWitt has been eliminated as the ‘bad guy’ and Boyd has been revealed to be more than just a handler, it seems that Joss Whedon has decided to wrap up Dollhouse in the most exciting way possible, something that fans will be grateful for.

GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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