Fringe Season 2 Episode 21 Northwest Passage

Well Fringe or at least Peter pulls on his hiking boots and heads up to the leafy and damp fringes of Washington State. No pinning vampires lurk in the woods being moody but spoliers might.

So Peter on the run proves that he still has it with the ladees…but this being Fringe that path of true flirtation can never run smooth and some series party poopers ruin his potential date and lead off into a mystery. Or do they? This results in Peter stepping on the Fringes of Twin Peaks or maybe Fargo teaming up with a canny local open minded female Sherriff. The core to the espiode is Peter’s developing professional relationship  with the Sheriif which is nicely done. It avoids the heavy footed August comedy film ‘He was an an Aardvark, she was a Pelican and…oh oh!’  mismatched buddy buddy feel that could could see a lesser show (‘yes Warehouse 13, yes you, I’m looking at you – yes look at your feet in shame and so you might..’) could have easily gone floundering into. The prime reason for this that the Sherrif is well written and acted and doesn’t feel like a cliche jutting into the Fringe world.

Meanwhile we get snap shots of Walter’s survivial and blundering which leads to an emotionally real if cognatively surprising revelation uncovered by Agent Astrid.

We get insights into a deeper relationship between Brolin and Peter than has been suggested before (at least since I’ve been watching.) Walter here is shouldering the acting burden with the ghost of St Claire’s hanging around him palpably. This is a Walter and Peter centric show with the guests cetting more screen time than the regulars. But an excellent change from the excellent norm is…well you get the picture – excellent.

The actual plot nicely false foots you and even leads one to doubt Peter Bishop – there is an ending on top of an ending which is the mythology squirt of cream on top a fufilling piece of Pecan pie.

4/5 for the epsiode

5/5 for the OMG well we kinds saw it coming but OMG anyway ending.

Just what would be on Peter’s mix disc? – comment below.

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GS Reviewer: Andrew Clark

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