Fringe Season 3 Episode 17 ‘Stowaway’


First of all this episode is owned by Anna Torv. Her performance which is VERY different to both Fauxiliva and Olivia is truly fantastic. Due to potential spoilerage I won’t explore this further until next week.

The plot of the week aside from Olivia’s developments focuses on an apparent soul vampire. They must have timed it to go with the Vampire episode of Dissecting Worlds. Fringe pays around with these concepts with a light tough and even manages to work as an effective ‘why done it’ even if the ‘who has done it’ element is perfunctory.

The acting credits do not solely belong to Anna Torv – there is a great Astrid performance as by Jasika Nicole she comes in for some…creepy attentions and the guest star, Northern Irish Actress Paula Malcomson who performed a stellar turn in Deadwood really excels here.

Personally I find the notion of fate reductive and it seems Fringe is heading down that route. How Fate can be compatible with the concept of alternative universes (formed as they are out of the different permutations of events, including human decisions) I’m not really sure. Whatever my metaphysical difficulties with the turn the plot is taking I am enjoying the journey.

The only other dry slap is why the ‘normal’ FBI was engaged in a home invasion. I accept Fringe Division looking at all kinds of stuff and I know  it’s petty but I have to feel once you pick your agency, stick to its jurisdiction– unless your out and out silly like NCIS, I expect something better from Fringe.

I am aware of the irony that I’ll happily accept returns from the dead, flying people, ancient technology and man-eating bugs but get upset when the FBI investigates the wrong sort of crime.

4/5 Stars

1 Dry slap for jurisdictional inaccuracies you can bend physics but don’t bum the bureaucracy!

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