Fringe Season 3 Episode 18 Bloodline


Okay I have very mixed views on this episode in the Redverse so I’ll just lay it out here. You may find if you look in the gooey stuff there’ll be spoilers. In fact, forget that, there’ll definitely be massive spoilers.

But first let us look at the positives. We have a nice tense scenario where a character is in peril and there is a sweet atmosphere of medical menace.  There are nice call backs to the start of Season 3 with minor characters reappearing and there are insights into the Redverse team’s relationships which is refreshing. The new team leader has issues with Walternate which show promise for the future. Performances are rock strong and I did feel Fauxiliva was genuinely in peril. This was shaped by the fresh information of  viral pre-eclampsia in her family. It was nice to feel she might die ironically not from a gribbly monster. These thoughts of her demise might have been shaped by the thought in the back of my mind that Anna Torv may have kicked off about playing 3 characters at the same time, but still she does a rock solid job. Walternate also continues to resist the steps to child experimentation which shows the difference between him and blue Walter.

And the negatives…well I don’t expect my science to be particularly accurate in my genre telly. In this particular case though there is some bonkers science but that isn’t my core issue. My core issue is the last minute reveal. The originator of the characters peril …just doesn’t make sense. I might be missing something, I might see something in a later episode which will put a sensible spin on it – it just doesn’t make sense. Right here’s your second spoiler alert…look away if you’ve not seen the episode. Why would Walternate be behind the kidnap? – he is Fauxiliva’s boss and the child’s grandchild and he could get the blood sample any time? Even if he needs to accelerate the pregnancy surely he could do it legitimately?  It left me with a bit of a ball ache and a sour taste in the mouth.

 In short a strong technical episode but for once the end twist effectively yanks the carpet out from under the strengths of the episode.

Stars 3/5

Dry Slaps 5/5 (…I’ll get me knuckleduster….no sod that a cricket bat and I don’t abuse cricket bats lightly)

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