Fringe Season 3: Episode 6 6955 khz

I’ve had a awareness and intrigue in number stations since I heard a Radio 4 documentary many a year ago. These strange networks broadcast on shortwave a succession of numbers. Enthusiasts try and find a pattern and know various ones by their signature tunes such as the famous ‘Lincolnshire Poacher’. Fringe nicely brings in some real world oddness to hand a plot advancing story. There may be spoilers in this broadcast.

We are in the Bluverse and number station afficianos start getting their memories blanked while trying to puzzle out the broadcasts. Well the Fringe team are on the case and via the route of ancient theories of pre-human homo sapiens and Redverse shennanigans come across some world changing revelations.

What were the good things ? I noticed some lovely crazy camera angles that really ramped up the suspense in the scenes and the soundscore was excellent. Torv again blue it out the park as Redverse Olivia trying to maintian her cover but advance her agenda simultaneously. The script gives her pelnty of odds to show hse’s starting to becoem a little conflicted and also to show her cover isn’t perfect. She appears to have to high a confidence in Blueverse Olivia for one things – but maybe she was right.

Walter also gets to elaborate on his concerns and conflicts  with peter and his obession with the machine – including a touching scene on a park bench with a spliff. (Now I now what all the hoodies in Newsham park where doign when I lived in Old Swan.) The plot of the week is efficently brought into harness with the overiding plot arch. All well and good.

Now the flaws…yes Fringe is not perfect there are a few niggles here:

The idea that the first people (who may be a red herring) were Homo Sapiens, int he times before dinosaurs- really? I thinkt he chances of a mammalian form would be low surely we’d be thinking of Saurian Sapien or some other species. I find the simulateous evolution of the same species on two seperate occassions on the same planet VERY hard to swallow and suspect so would Walter.

Secondly the idea that (MAJOR SPOLIER) latitude/longitude signals based on an old calender would still correspond to their place on the globe eons later seems to have a weak understnading of continential drift.

Finally, the whole motivation of the Redverse plan seems vague and why were the signals being broadcast in the first place – this might be fully explained later.

All that said the story leaves us in place that potentially leaves Redlivia stranged and Bluolivia in danger which should ensure some crackign adventures to come.

3.5/5 oh ok 4/5 to allow for the fact I love number stations.

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