Fringe Season 3: Epsiode 5 Amber 31422

In this episode of Fringe the fortean incident of the week is less bizarre and more routed in the realities of the Redverse than we’ve seen before. As we chip it out there may well be spoilers, espically as a rich mother lode of plot arc is uncovered.

Olivia is approached by Walternate to see if she can break through to the other universe like her opposite number (which is actually her but she doesn’t know this) which will be a vital weapon in the armoury of the Redverse to defend itself. Brolin is concerned over the stresses this puts Olivia and by extension the team under.  This is ongoing aganist an ‘escape’ from the quarrantine Amber which has a repurcssions for political support for the Fringe Division, and the crucial or callous actions they have to take which have a very human cost.

The episode mounts to a ‘what the monkey’s nuts’ ending which advances the plot of ‘our’ Olivia and her struggles in the Redverse a quantum leap ahead. This is the vital, curcial lesson for other US shows that plod for 16-18 episodes of a 22 episode run to before rushing all the plot advancement in a sprint to a finale.   Nothing is going to be the same after the end of this epsiode  but there is still a lot to see in how exactly it’s going to change.

The cold, hard ruthlessess of Redverse’s Fringe Divison provides an undercurrent to this epsiode that still underlines the different between this universe and ours.

I suspect I saw further hints that Olivia is a better detective than her counter-part undercover in the Bluverse, in how she deals with the detecting challange. Her humanity also seems to be sneaking through her conditioning in a  couple of incidents. how much this will equip her to mee tthe chanllanges ahead we will see. It will however be fun to see how it turns out!

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