Futurama S6 E4 – Proposition Infinity

In Proposition Infinity Kif and Amy break up because of her attraction to bad boys. Bender is arrested for being an illegal street artist and on his release from jail, he and Amy start dating, causing outrage at their robosexual relationship. The new couple start a campaign to legalise robot/human marriage – interracial, interplanetary and ghost/horse marriages are already allowed – in a campaign that calls to mind California’s recent struggle with Proposition 8.

Proposition Infinity is the second episode in a row where Futurama deals with current issues. Last week, it was social media, this week, the issue of same sex marriage is indirectly addressed. It is sort of strange to have Futurama deal with current issues. The best episodes of Futurama are those that deal with something – religion (Godfellas), global waming (Crimes of the Hot) – but, due to the fact that there has not been a new episode of Futurama in so long, we are simply not used to seeing the show deal with current issues.

Once we get past this slight jarring though, this is a very good episode of Futurama. Bender becomes a renowned street artist – posting little self-portrait mosaics across New New York. This is an obvious nod to French street artist, Invader. There also a reference to Shepard Fairey’s iconic Barack Obama poster in the episode. This is exactly the type of petty crime that we have come to expect from Bender and it fits him well.

Bender and Amy’s relationship is not one that we are ever going to believe will last, but it is a means to an end for the episode. The references to Proposition 8 are not subtle; after all, the infinity symbol (∞) is basically a sideways 8 and the campaign in favour of Proposition Infinity very closely resembles a Gay Pride rally, but this is not a bad thing. It just reinforces the point of the episode.

There is very little mention of Fry and Leela throughout the episode, but it does not suffer for the loss of two of it’s main characters, Bender is more than strong enough a character to carry the story he is given. Zoidberg has a couple of funny moments and Hermes’s attack of Circusitis is a brilliant example of how much more scope there is to Futurama as a show. A great episode, long may it continue.

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