Futurama Season 6 Episode 3 – Attack of the Killer App!

This week’s Futurama focuses on a parody of the furore that inevitably surrounds the launch of any new Apple product. This week the gang are all entranced with MomCorp’s new product, the EyePhone – which is inserted directly into the eye socket – and the vast array of amazing apps to be found therein, including the newest craze in social media – Twitcher. Sound familiar?

Yes Futurama has gone down the route that works so well for Family Guy, South Park and, to a lesser extent, The Simpsons, and it spoofs the public’s obsession with the iPhone, social media and everything else that everyone else says is cool. In the episode, Mom waits it out while Fry and Bender compete to get 1 million Twitcher followers so she can release her zombie making virus on their unsuspecting followers. The difference between this and the episodes of The Simpsons that have tried to parody Apple is, this one works. Yes, most of the episode is taken up with the nature of the internet meme and a boil named Susan, but when the EyePhone is mentioned and spoofed, it is done incredibly well. Every time The Simpsons attempts this, it falls flat.

Futurama seems to do better episodes when it has some sort of a message (like global warming in Crimes of the Hot and Into The Wild Green Yonder), and this is one of those episodes. That said, it is still rather strange seeing Futurama lampoon recent events and it does jar slightly with the audience. It might have been better not to include the parody of last years Britain’s Got Talent star, but better this than no Futurama at all.

GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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