Futurama Season 6 Episode 5 – The Duh Vinci Code

In the newest episode of new Futurama, the gang go to Future-Roma to try and solve the mystery of Leonardo DaVinci’s greatest invention. Along the way, we discover that the Space Pope is still a reptile, St James may well have been a robot and DaVinci may not have been entirely human after all.

There have been countless spoofs of The DaVinci Code at this stage. Perhaps the best being the fantastic South Park episode about the true meaning of Easter. But I digress. Futurama, this week, added it’s own parody of the DaVinci code to the many already out there – sadly, it is several years too late.

If this episode of Futurama had come out closer to the time of the book, or even the film of The DaVinci Code, it would have been topical and funny. Now, four years after the film was released, it seems self conscious and forced. There are still some good ideas and definitely some great moments, but they are few and far between and overall this episode of Futurama feels like it is trying too hard. There is a distinct lack of the smaller characters that make the show as fun and funny as it is, and the subject matter has literally been done to death.

The idea behind this new episode feels as though the idea was mooted for The Simpsons, shot down and then reworked for Futurama. Futurama is best when it has a message of some kind, and this is not one of their finest moments. The show needs to get back on track with an original idea episode, not one based on iPhones, Who Wants to Be A Millionaire, or the DaVinci code and showcase what it does best. A disappointing episode, fingers crossed next week’s is better.

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