Futurama Season 6 Episode 6 – Lethal Inspection

In the latest episode of Futurama, Bender discovers that far from being ‘immortal’ as he thought, he is actually defective as he was born without a wireless back up. Bender and Hermes go on a cross-country hunt to find the mysterious Inspector #5 who approved him.

Thankfully, this week Futurama is back on form after last week’s episode. The episode centres on Bender and his search for answers about himself and his lack of immortality. There is some nice interaction between Bender and Hermes as they accompany each other on a train across America and some classic lines, such as the professor’s exclamation at Bender’s upset; “Quiet, you mortal coil!”.

Futurama is at its best when it gives us clever one-liners and a storyline that does not have to try too hard. That is exactly what this episode of Futurama delivers. Bender’s adoration of himself is as good as ever, as is his cowardice and easy despair. The interaction between Bender and Hermes is easy and funny, which is sweet seeing as the two have not had much screen time together, well… Ever. The interesting thing about the episode is the revelation of who Inspector #5 actually is, and the sweet flashback explanation of how Bender passed inspection in the first place.

In tone, this episode is reminiscent of Leela’s Homeworld – the episode in which Leela finds her parents – and gives even more back story to characters that we thought we knew pretty well. There are great moments, such as Planet Express entirely falling part when Leela is made a Lil’ Bureaucrat to take over in Hermes’s absence, and the hints to the cult movie Cube and the Rubick’s Cube, in the form of Hermes’s office at the Central Bureaucracy. It’s good to see that Futurama has got back into it’s stride. Long may it last!

GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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