Heroes Season 3, Episode 10: The Eclipse Part I

This review contains minor spoilers

This review contains minor spoilers

This episode of Heroes is one big session of  “capture the flag.” Sylar is tasked with bringing back Claire Bennet, and Elle tags along. Daphne and Matt try to find Hiro, and the Petreli brothers go to Haiti to recruit The Haitian and use him as a weapon against Arthur Petrelli.

Plans go awry for the heroes when Daphne cannot take the pressure of being on the side of good, and the eclipse takes its effect on everyone. One by one, each of the pictures that Arthur Petrelli has drawn before the eclipse is coming true. Everything goes wrong for everyone who’s depowered- except for Mohinder, who gets to be normal again.

Rate it: 3

Even though this is the big eclipse episode, this felt very average to me. Nothing very special going on here.

Dry slaps: 1

Why do the new “it” couple, Elle and Sylar, know exactly where to go find HRG and Claire? Is the house of a former Level 5 inmate THE place Noah Bennet would go in an emergency situation? That doesn’t make sense to me.

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