Heroes Season 3, Episode 9: It’s coming


The following review contains minor spoilers

The following review contains minor spoilers


The final moment of Heroes’ last episode was quite a shocker, with Usutu being killed by Arthur Petrelli in a gruesome fashion. Arthur moves on to destroy Hiro as well, but Arthur is distracted for a few moments by the sight of one of Usutu’s drawings. It’s a painting of an eclipse, just like the one that happened in the first season. Arthur putting his hands on Hiro regresses Hiro’s memory to that of a 10-year-old. Being ten again leaves Hiro at a disadvantage, taking Hiro and Ando out of the action once again.

Arthur goes back to Pinehearst to teach his son, Sylar, a hands-on  lesson in empathy. Meanwhile  Peter and Claire are on the run from Knox and Flint. Peter’s still powerless, and Claire thinks that it’s best if she sticks with her uncle, rather than run and hide. Neither of them know who Knox and Flint’s real target are.

At Company headquarters, Matt and his future love, Daphne, go to  looking for help. They come to an empty facility, save for Angela Petrelli lying in a coma. Matt eventually jumps into Angela’s mind, facing the blocks that Arthur placed in there to keep his wife out of action.

At Pinehearst, it’s a father-son reunion, but it’s anything but warm and fuzzy. Nathan can feel that his father’s a snake from miles away, so he doen’t respond well to Arthur’s vision of the future. Arthur wants to save the world by givgin every human being super powers.  

As you know from previous episodes, this is a horrible idea. I don’t know, maybe it would be good to have a world full of people who can better protect themselves. We don’t get to see what happens to all the world in the future, just the United States. The heroes may have had a bad time of it, but maybe some guy in South America was having a grand time! To bring about this future full of superhumans, all Arthur needs is the catalyst, which doesn’t involve the eclipse, but it does lie “in the blood of a human host.” It doesn’t take that many guesses to figure out whose blood contains said catalyst.


Rate it: 3

Not a very memorable episode. This is just an episode that serves as a reason to bring some of the characters together in one place. 


Dry Slaps: 1

I think that the relationship between Daphne and Matt doesn’t feel completely right with me. Matt really needed a love interest after the mess of his first marriage, but I find it hard to imagine that love would grow between these two.

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