The Big Bang Theory: The Irish Formulation Review

The Big Bang Theory; The Irish Pub Formulation

Raj’s sister comes to town, and Raj makes it very clear to Howard that he is not allowed to hit on her, Howard makes it very clear that he has a girlfriend now and plus years ago he and Leonard made a pinkie swear that they would never date Raj’s sister.

To no one knowledge Leonard re-kindles a secret romance with Raj’s sister Priya, after their night of passion Leonard mentioned to Priya that there was nothing tying him to Pasadena, and if he moved to New Delhi, they could continue seeing each other.

Priya turned him down, saying she could never bring a white boy home to her parents.

Leonard is trying to sneak Priya out in the morning only to be spotted by Sheldon. He is shocked at Leonard’s behaviour as he has broken his promise to Raj and Howard.

Leonard asks Sheldon to keep a secret, but he is rubbish at keeping secrets so Sheldon devises a very ‘convincing’ lie to help Leonard convince Raj and Howard that he never spent the night with one of his best friend’s sister.

There was no Penny in this episode, this must of been because she was recovering from her horse riding accident.

Of course Howard and Raj find out about Leonards secret affair with Priya. As they were disgusted to find out that he did not watch the latest episode of Caprica, when saying he was busy they argued you are never to busy for Caprica. Leonard tried using Sheldon’s fantastic cover story about a promiscuous barmaid in a Irish pub, but just couldn’t do it so he came clean.

The “stay away from my sibling/relative” premise has been used often on TV, but it did add a “forbidden” element to the affair, and when the secret came out, it led to a great argument of smaller betrayals the guys had kept from each other over the years.

I have mixed feelings about the past two episodes without Penny. This one was a throwback to the funny, intelligent debates which made me laugh out loud which is why I love Big Bang, but I hope Penny comes back soon the boys need her.

Overall I will give it a 3.5 out of 5

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