The Big Bang Theory:The Apology Insufficiency Review

The Big Bang Theory: The Apology Insufficiency

Howard has been offered a job to work on NASA’s new laser equipped satellite, but before he can start Sheldon, Leonard and Raj all have to have interviews with the FBI, to find out more about Howard.

Guest starring Eliza Dushku as FBI Special Agent Page she interviews the boys and all 3 are very awkward. Raj gets Tipsy, Leonard hits on her and Sheldon lets slip that Howard got the Mars rover stuck in a ditch (Season 2′s “The Lizard-Spock Expansion”).

After this revelation of course Howard didn’t get the job, and he is so upset with his friends, Leonard and Raj think it is their fault and are shocked that it must of been them that messed up the interview and not Sheldon.

Sheldon is the only one to know the truth and he feels so guilty knowing that it was  his entire fault that Howard did not get the job.  He dreamt that he told Leonard what he had done, Leonard tells him this is all a dream, Sheldon ask him to prove it and Leonard just points out  the Gorn (from Star Trek The Original Series) sitting on his side of the couch.

Sheldon does try and apologize to Howard but Howard is so upset he does not forgive him, and tells him to leave him alone.

Penny is back this episode and you have a great scene with her and Sheldon, whilst she is working behind the bar and Sheldon wants alcohol because Howard has not forgiven him.

The bar scene was great seeing Sheldon try to attempt to drink but keeps spitting it in the glass, and Penny offering Sheldon words of wisdom.

Sheldon thinks of a way that makes Howard forgive him!

As a grand gesture, Sheldon brings a couch cushion to work, not just any couch cushion this was Sheldon’s and Howard could have Sheldon seat. Now if you have watched all of Big Bang you will know how important this seat is to Sheldon.

Of course Howard has to forgive him, but unfortunately he doesn’t keep the seat for long as Sheldon can’t cope with his new seat and needs to sit on his side once again.

This was a great episode so glad to see Kaley Cuoco back and guest appearences by Eliza Dushku and Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Overall I will give it a 4 out of 5

GS Reporter:Kelly

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