True Blood Season 3 Episode 2 – Beautifully Broken

Beautifully Broken is the second episode in the long awaited season 3 of True Blood. The episode picks up immediately from the one that preceded it. Bill finds out that the werewolves who abducted him were in the pay of Russell Edgington – the vampire King of Mississippi – but their behaviours toward Bill was not what they were paid for. Russell takes Bill to his home and, over the course of the episode, offers Bill the job of Sherriff of Area 2 of Mississippi – a job that Bill studiously refuses, until his maker Lorena is brought into the mix and Edgington threatens Sookie.

Sookie, in the meantime, is still dealing with Bill’s disappearance, but has stopped actively looking for him as she has realised this was getting her nowhere. She visits Eric with the information she has learned about Operation Werewolf. Eric eventually tells her of his experiences during World War II when he and Godric encountered what appeared to be actual Werewolf Women of the SS – who knew Rob Zombie’s faux Grindhouse trailer was so on the money?

Meanwhile, Jessica is still dealing with her dead trucker, and she consults Pam for advice on how to not kill people, and get rid of dead bodies. Jessica is also still dealing with her feelings for Hoyt who she appears to be pushing away for his own sake.

Sam is still in Arkansas, he has found his family and is trying to spend some time with them and find out more about the shifter side of himself. Jason is still struggling with the killer side of himself and Arlene is struggling with the notion that she is pregnant and how to tell Terry.

Finally, Lafayette brings Tara to see his mother, who is in a mental home – this finally explaining some of the questions about why Lafayette needs to work two jobs – and explains his fear of Tara becoming like his mother because there is “darkness in this family”. Tara also manages to befriend a new and mysterious vampire (who fans of the books will know as Franklyn Mott) who is seen searching for information on Sookie before he darkens the door of Merlotte’s.

All in all, this is a much less muddled episode of True Blood than the season premiere. Many of the smaller characters – such as Lettie Mae, Pam, Sophie Anne (even though there is a lot of talk of her) and Couter the werewolf – are pushed to the background to make room for the other storylines. It’s a welcome relief, as the screen was definitely getting too crowded in the first episode. The stories that have been established are beginning to draw the characters together into their respective groups, and the lines drawn by the book – Club Dead – are beginning to become clear. Of course, Jessica, Lafayette and Tara are still not doing what the books say they should, but this has been accepted by now. The book also tells the story from Sookie;s perspective only, and it is a nice change to see what actually happens to Bill in Mississippi.

The most interesting development in this episode is the introduction of Franklyn Mott. It seems that he is going to be one to watch through the season. The fact that he is played by The Tudors veteran James Fray is one that is a good move for True Blood as he is a strong actor, well capable of carrying a storyline.

Fans will be pleased that this episode seems to have settled down from the break neck speed of the first, and the stories are being allowed to develop on their own. It is sure that this new mix of werewolves and vampires is going to be a fun and interesting one.

GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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  1. Red Five /

    And I hate to go all fangirl, but Eric as a Nazi?! PHWOAR!

    Love, love, love True Blood…none of that sparkly vampire shit! The series stay rather true to the books, but leave it open enough to develop plots further or alternatively take a different route, without insulting the viewer. Cleverly put together, fantastically scripted and impeccably acted.

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