True Blood Season 3 Episode 4 – 9 Crimes

Episode 4 of the new season of True Blood and the pace is not letting up. At the very beginning of the episode Bill calls Sookie and breaks up with her. He tells her that he does not wish to be found, so she should stop looking. Sookie being Sookie though, does not accept that and continues to look for him – with Alcide’s help – and finds herself at the were bar she was at the night before. This time, however, she thinks she is crashing Debbie – Alcide’s ex – and Coot’s engagement party. Instead she finds herself in the middle of Debbie’s initiation into Operation Werewolf. A rite that is performed by Bill’s new employer; Russell Edgington. The plot thickens.

Bill, on the other hand, seems to be settling into his new kingdom very nicely. He asks Russell Edgington to kill Lorena when the time is right in exchange for information that will help him to take Louisiana from queen Sophie Anne.

The other main story of the episode – and the season – is shaping up to be Tara’s relationship with Franklyn Mott. Franklyn pumps Tara for information about Sookie then kidnaps her and brings her to Russell Edgington. The fact that he does not see this as kidnapping and sees Tara as ‘his’ is obviously something that she objects to, but there is not much she can do about it.

Eric and Pam find themselves in trouble when the magister raids Fangtasia and finds that they have been dealing V. Rather than turn their Queen in, however, they blame Bill – seeing as he is missing already. The magister gives them 2 days to find him or Pam will face the consequences.

Meanwhile, Sam is dealing with his new family turning up on his doorstep, Jason is blackmailing Andy Bellefleur – in his new role as Sherriff – to make him a cop and Jessica is made a hostess at Merlotte’s but is recognised from her human life almost straight away.

Another fantastically fast paced episode of True Blood this week. The story is pulling together nicely with what seemed like scattered elements of the story fitting together nicely. There are still a lot of strings that need to be tied in – mainly with the background characters – but there is still plenty of time for these stories to play out.

There are several very cool moments in this week’s episode. It has been hinted before that Eric can fly, but seeing him actually floating outside Sookie’s window is very cool. As is the sequence where Franklyn has Tara glamoured. She is on the phone to Sookie and as Franklyn speaks his words come out of Tara’s mouth. Franklyn is probably one of the most honest vampires in the show – he does not seem to want to hide behind what he is, he is just evil. He is shaping up to be one of the characters to watch in the show.

True Blood is staying close enough to the books to keep puritan fans happy, but the added element of Operation Werewolf gives the show a pace that is needed after the first two action packed seasons. Again, the only complaint could be that there is a little too much going on at times. Some of the background characters could be allowed to fade out, to allow the main story lines to come to the fore. This is a minor complaint though, and we know from previous seasons of the show that it all comes together in the end, so it is probably better to wait and see.

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  1. Red Five /

    As one of the Puritan fans, I too am happy with how HBO have transformed the books into the televisual phenomenon that they have. Agreed that Franklyn is a brilliant character, I love that he seems to has a disregard for anything and anyone. He is Vampire, that is what he is and nobody can quash that.

    Upon seeing that some of book four was to be brought forward into this season, I have been dying to see a little Eric on Sookie action and was only mildly disappointed (hotdamn what a nightdream!), but am with you and loved the Eric flying scene, ooo Mamma! And one final girlie thing…DID YOU SEE ALCIDE WITH NO SHIRT ON?! Yes please!!

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