True Blood Season 3 Episode 5 – Trouble

With every episode of True Blood, a little more of the story is revealed. There are few TV shows on the go at the moment that have such a focus on the over arching story line and effectively act as a mystery the audience have to solve. This is partly why True Blood is such compelling viewing; we just have to know what happens next.

This week, the threads of the story pull even closer together. Franklyn takes Tara to Russell Edgington. There she discovers Bill and, when he refuses to help her, tries to escape from the increasingly abusive relationship she is in with Franklyn. Eric also turns up at Edgington’s home, in an attempt to free Pam from the magister and find Bill. Eric finds a Viking crown among Edgington’s treasures which he recognises.

Sookie and Alcide escape from the Were bar unharmed, but Debbie comes to Alcide’s apartment during the night and clashes with Sookie. Alcide then goes to the Were packmaster to try and warn him about the mix of vampire and werewolf that is going on in his area, to no avail. Sookie and Bill are reunited at the end of the episode, but of course, this cannot go well – it turns out that Edgington and his Weres followed Bill in an attempt to get hold of Sookie.

Sam’s family is causing more trouble for him. The relationship between Joe Lee and Tommy is becoming more and more fraught and Sam is being dragged into the middle of it. Arlene does not trust Jessica’s vampire nature and the two butt heads over it. Jason is still trying to blackmail his way into being a cop, and meets Crystal – a native of Hotshot – who has more going on under the surface than she lets Jason see. Isn’t that always the way with Jason’s love interests? Lafayette gains a new admirer in his mother’s carer – Jesus – who comes to Merlotte’s to see him.

Sookie and her many love interests are always going to be the centre of True Blood, but the relationship between Tara and Franklyn is shaping up to be one of the most interesting in this season of True Blood. We see Tara crying over a bowl of flowers because she is hungry and that is the food she was brought. This is a defining moment, as it sums up all that is wrong with the relationship between a human and a thoughtless vampire. Franklyn is manipulative and abusive and Tara is too afraid to go against him. Franklyn is the direct opposite to Eggs – Tara’s previous boyfriend – he is surely one of the characters to watch in the season.

Sookie actually has very little to do in this episode of True Blood, but the show does not suffer because of this The supporting cast are so strong that it is actually a relief to get a break from Sookie whining about Bill. Bill finally discovers that Sookie is in Jackson and runs to her side at the end of the episode, meaning that the break up was less Bill’s idea than Lorena’s, but we suspected that anyway. Sookie uses her magic lightning force to escape from one of the Weres. This is the second time she has done this – the first to escape from Mary Anne in season 2 – hopefully Sookie’s new power will be somewhat explained in this season of True Blood.

Elsewhere, there is trouble brewing between Sam and his family – there is a lot more going on there than meets the eye. Sam is such a good character, who tries to do his best for everyone, but it always goes wrong for him; it is only a matter of time before this latest act of generosity blows up in his face. The same goes for Sam giving Jessica a job in the bar, neither Jessica nor Arlene are going to back down from the argument that is brewing between them. It is going to be fun to watch when this one explodes. By far the sweetest moments of this week’s episode come from Lafayette and his new love interest Jesus. The two are adorable as they skirt around each other, stealing glances and shy smiles. It’s about time that Lafayette got some happiness, fingers crossed he and Jesus work out.

Jason is behaving like his usual stupid self, but as the season goes on, this is becoming more annoying than endearing. Jason had a hell of a time in the last season of True Blood, shouldn’t he have learned something from that? It seems that he has forgotten it all and is going back to his usual dimwitted ways. As well as this, Eric is criminally underused in this episode; let’s hope he gets more screen time in the rest of the season.

Overall a good episode of True Blood that helps to pull the storyline together. Sookie’s story is pushed a little to the background but there is no doubt she will return to the fore over the rest of the season. The relationships in this season are becoming more and more complex, with the characters revealing more about themselves, their strengths and their limits. We need more Eric though!

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