True Blood Season 3 Episode 6 – I got a right to sing the blues

Once again, this episode of True Blood picks up right where the previous one left off – Sookie has been attacked by Russell Edgington and his flunkies and brought back to his house. Sookie spends most of the episode shouting at people to help her – notably Eric, who pretends not to have feelings for her one way or the other. Sookie also answers questions asked of her by Russell Edgington and confesses that she does not know what the light that comes out of her hands is. Eventually, Sookie and Tara escape the house and when Sookie goes to rescue Bill Lorena catches her.

Bill spends the episode being tortured by Lorena in the prelude to her killing him. Tara is equally tortured by Franklyn, just not physically – she fools him into believing that she wants to be made into a vampire, then bludgeons him in his sleep and escapes. Sophie Anne, under duress agrees to marry Russell Edgington – if only to end her financial difficulties. As well as this, Jessica and Arlene seem to make up their differences, Lafayette and Jesus get to know each other better, but Jesus walks away when he learns that Lafayette is a drug dealer. Meanwhile Crystal denies all knowledge of Jason when he turns up in Hotshot looking for her and Sam finally begins to realise what his new family is hiding from him.

This is perhaps the neatest episode of True Blood that we have had to date. The story has been pulling together for the last few weeks, but this episode sees them all come crashing together, leaving an episode less fractured than the ones that have gone before it. It is only when the stories all meet each other that it becomes obvious how much was going on in previous episodes. True Blood always has a lot going on, but this season seemed a little more scattered than the ones before. Hopefully this problem will be resolved from here on out.

There are some great moments in this episode; Tara thinking her escape plan at Sookie through the walls of the house that they are both being held in is inspired and of course Evan Rachel Wood is great as the bratty vampire queen of Louisiana – Sophie Anne. Jessica, as a character, is getting better and better even though she has very little screen time – she is learning more about herself every episode, and has come a long way from the wailing human girl we first met in season 2. It is sad to see Franklyn get bludgeoned – will he survive? Let’s hope so, this delusional, evil vampire one of the best characters True Blood has seen in ages.

On the downside, Arlene’s whinging about well… everything, but in particular her fear of Jessica is getting old quickly, as is Lorena’s constant crying and mourning of the loss of the relationship she and Bill had over 50 years ago. Lorena needs to let it go or her immortality will seem very long indeed.

All in all, a great episode of True Blood, it is always at the mid way point of the season that the show starts to pull together, and this is what is happening now. There is not as much werewolf in the TV show as there is in the book that inspired this season, but this is not a bad thing. We fell in love with True Blood as a vampire show and werewolves could confuse the issue. After all, this is not the Twilight Saga.

GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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