TV REVIEW: Castle – Season 6, Episode 11 ‘Under Fire’

Anyone with pyrophobia should steer clear of this episode as fire is at the heart of the story.

Our dynamic duo are faced with a dead body that was found in the centre of a blazing building but the murder was committed before the place was set alight.  Are they looking for someone who started the fire to cover the murder or a firebug who has now got a taste for death?

The investigation leads us to another derelict building where Ryan and Esposito get trapped in the basement while a fire rages above them.  As usual there is a personal storyline running alongside the murder mystery and this week it’s the fact that Baby Ryan wants to make an appearance outside the building while our sidekicks are trapped inside!

Castle and Beckett take a backseat while the story focusses on the other two detectives trapped inside.  It’s lovely to see the bromance between them and the effects of their potential loss on the others in the group.

Staging-wise, I think that this is one of the most ambitious Castle episode to date and there were times were I was genuinely concerned about our heroes in their perilous situation.  Drama, tension and possible childbirth all lends to a great episode.  In fact you could say that all of these factors were a perfect ‘match’.  I’ll get my coat…..

Rating: 4/5



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