TV REVIEW: Castle Season 6, Episode 3 – Need To Know

With the death of a 90s child star and no Beckett to partner with, Castle manages to worm his way on to Esposito and Ryans team to help with the investigation.
To begin with all looks as if it will fit the usual routine – body in a strange place, wild theories that turn out to have an element of truth, Ryan being teased for his love of the TV show that the victim once appeared in – until Beckett and her partner turn up and take over the investigation.  Awkward!
This is a great twist to the usual format as we are used to seeing Becketts frustration on getting her cases taken over by FBI or Homeland Security.  But now she is the one swooping in and taking over which makes for a lot of tricky moments between her and the rest of her old team.  Watching Castle try to get information from her on the case does give us a reminder of how well they worked together solving these crimes.
To make things even more awkward, there is a new kid on the block in the form of Sully, Becketts replacement.  Slovenly, clumsy and not particularly clued-up, he is the anti-Beckett.  I can’t imagine seeing him in very many more episodes as he was obviously brought in to be her opposite.  I really hope that he doesn’t stick around as I found him to be very annoying and kind of surplus to requirements.
Last weeks episode foreshadowed Becketts annoyance at not being able to bring perpetraitors to justice due to the politics of DC.  This comes to a head at the end of the episode and leaves Becketts future career in doubt.
Rating: 3/5

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