TV REVIEW: Castle Season 6, Episode 6 ‘Get a Clue’

The clue as to what this episode is about is in the title.  Do you get the clue?  The clue is that there’s clues!
This weeks episode is one big treasure map that begins with the murder of a local history buff in a shady New York alley, a murder that looks scarily like a crucifixion.  The team soon uncover that she was on the hunt for some hidden treasure and the race is on to find it before the bad guys (whomever that may be).
It’s a tried and tested formula in TV and film – dead body turns up, treasure map found, clues are discovered – but where Castle does it differently is that it references these previous shows, this episode owes more than a nod to Indiana Jones.  It references the Da Vinci code but it defintely felt more Spielberg than Tom Hanks.
In amongst the sword fights (YES!), Freemasons conspiracies and hidden treasure, Castle tries to come to terms with the fact that Alexis has moved in with her boyfriend Pi.  I’m not sure how I feel about this storyline.  Yes, it’s nice to see our little goodie-two-shoes grow into an independent woman but it feels like the writers are deliberately trying to create tension between Alexis and Castle.  It’s as if he is being punished. When he didn’t have Kate, he had Alexis.  Now that he has Kate, he doesn’t have his daughter.  I hope that this is resolved soon as it’s uncomfortable to watch.
This is an enjoyable episode of Castle but I’m still looking for some kind of story arc to add some friction to the ‘crime of the week’ episodes.
And on a side note – Nathan Fillion would be an AMAZING Indiana Jones!!
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: mybiggeekadventure

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