TV REVIEW: Castle Season 6, Episode 8 ‘A Murder is Forever’

When it comes down to it, it’s all about relationships.
This episode sees the murder of a famous relationship therapist.  This could easily have meant that we would have to endure a whole episode of drama between Castle and Beckett but apart from an aside about territory, the show focussed on the murder mystery.
That’s what I like about Castle, they have attempted the well-trodden path of getting their lead characters together but it hasn’t diminished the show in any way.  They still spark, there’s no drama between them, they are a couple that seem genuinely happy together but have the small niggles that we all have when finding ourselves in a new relationship.
So rather than the airing of lots of dirty laundry we get a genuine murder mystery with a giant diamond, a private plane and an empty hotel room all adding to the mystery.
This season of Castle so far has been a mixed bag.  As I said, I don’t feel that getting our main characters together has hurt the show at all but with with no ‘Big Bad’ in sight and crimes that (dare I say it) feel similar to episodes that have come before, I feel the show is relying on its core audience that tunes in every week to see their favourite NYPD cop and her writer boyfriend.  In order to keep the show at the heights it gained in previous seasons, the show really needs to shake things up and inject some excitement into it.  Like a relationship, it needs to keep the spark it had at the start or it becomes deadly dull and no one wants that!
Reviewer: MyBigGeekAdventure
Rating: 3/5  (I really want to give an episode a 5/5!  Come on Castle writers!)

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