Dollhouse Season 2 Episode 7 – Meet Jane Doe

At the end of episode 6 of Dollhouse, Echo was left on her own wandering the streets in ‘doll’ state – the blank state – with no imprinted personality. In episode 8, we catch up with her. At the start of the episode she is destitute, with no money and no idea of how to help herself. Echo helps a woman who is equally as destitute, by stealing food to give to her. When the sheriff attempts to arrest Echo, the imprints, which she has mentioned in previous episodes are still within her, are activated, almost as instinct, to protect her.
The episode skips forward three months. At the Dollhouse Adele has been deposed as head, and is subservient to Rossum. Topher is working on remote wipe technology and a new Dollhouse is due to open in Dubai. Echo, however, is working as a nurse and has joined forces with Ballard in order to try and understand how she can utilise the various imprints that still linger within her. To test herself, Echo devises a plan to get, Galena, the woman she stole food for, released from prison. As the episode unfolds it becomes clear that Echo has developed a personality of her own, and is not just a ‘doll’ any more. As well as this, the imprints all work together in order to make Echo a ‘super’ active, with all the abilities the Dollhouse has ever given her.

This episode is actually more interesting than the double bill that preceded it. Echo is left to her own devices and the issues that she has been complaining of throughout the season are allowed to develop. The biggest issue, and one that is only alluded to momentarily within the show, is the fact that this personality that has developed is Echo’s own, not Caroline, her original self. And in fact, Echo confesses that she does not like what she knows of Caroline very much. The season so far, has been hinting at the nature of the soul, and this episode tkes this notion a step further by implying that Caroline is actually gone from Echo, but she has been allowed to develop a personality of er won when removed from the technology of the Dollhouse.

Now that the show has been cancelled, it appears that the minds behind Dollhouse are allowing the show to reach a conclusion at the end of season 2. In the unaired finale to season 1, it was hinted that the imprinting technology got out of control at some point. In this episode, Topher has developed a remote wipe system that can imprint on anyone on the street, without their knowledge. It appears that the apocalypse that was shown is closer than viewers thought. Echo is returned to the Dollhouse at the end of the episode, but she is not wiped. Maybe this is how she is allowed to be the saviour that she was shown to be at the end of season1. Either way, Dollhouse appears to be on track for an explosive and hopefully, a satisfactory, end.

GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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