TV REVIEW: Heroes of Cosplay Season 1.5

After the bad rep season one of Heroes of Cosplay earned, how is season 1.5 different? Looks like Syfy have made quite a few changes to the show… Check out our review.

In my last post for GS about Heroes of Cosplay before season one aired, I said it’d be great to see the making process of each costume for cosplayers who take their costumes very seriously. I did not get that. It was all drama and competition with a heavy dose of bitching thrown in. Of course a lot of it was staged, but the ratio of costume making techniques to drama really annoyed me. So, what have Syfy done to change season 1.5? Did they even take on board anything people have said about season one? I made a bunch of vlogs reviewing the new series so thought I’d share them with you. Here’s the latest relating to the series finalae (please note that my videos do occasionally have swearing in them):



You can watch the rest of the reviews here. If you watched the new Heroes of Cosplay, what did you think of it? Comment below!


GS Blogger: Jess Hawke

Source: YouTube

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