TV REVIEW: Season 4, Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time Season 4

Thanks to this show I have invented a new drinking game!

I am a huge fan of this show and watched back to back seasons 1-3 as soon as I discovered it thanks to a sick day and box sets on my TV package. What a great premise, the mix of fantasy and reality, fairy tale characters that are slightly flawed in the way that appeals to us more and more with each generation. We don’t want perfect heroines, masterful heroes for whom all of life goes right.

Once Upon A Time this season offers villains searching for a way to change their fate from constant bad luck to good. To quote Wreck it Ralph, ‘just because you are bad guy, doesn’t mean you are bad guy’ and this is the overwhelming theme this season.

We see Snow White admit she is a tired and cranky mother and true love is misplaced and redirected in totally unexpected ways. Heroes are in love with villains and princesses and princes who choose the darker path and get it wrong.

So imagine my excitement when I found out Season 4 was on my newly acquired Netflix account.

Imagine my confoundedness when I saw that Elsa and Ana were central to the new season. OK, a bit of a sell out but ABC is owned by Disney and I guess the odd bit of publicity had to come in now and then. The other seasons had shown elements of Disney before but I put this down to sponsorship and Disney’s non stop publicity machine and that is what they are great at.

A slick and intertwining set of story lines that make Once Upon a Time such a great series that you have to watch back to back was there. The characters played beautifully and the heart ache of Rumplestiltskin’s ongoing dilemma between love and power drew me from episode to episode. They fought good and evil and the intricacies, back stories and astonishing level of detail coupled with breath-taking scenery and buildings never disappointed. You can’t help but root for each and every character, I found myself wanting a heroine to die just so that the evil queen could get her true love. This show sends you in unpredictable directions and you switch your allegiances more in this season than ever before.

I love Disney let me say this here and now but my viewing was punctured at every juncture by storylines that were clumsily pulled aside by songs, dropped in phrases, costuming and makeup in the real sucrose Disney style that didn’t sit in with the dark struggles of its brilliantly written characters. Hence my drinking game.

If you do a shot every time someone said Frozen, sang a Disney tune, wore a Disney costume, quoted a line or in general followed the storyline of their Disney rather than fairy tale created character, you can get pretty tipsy in one episode alone! Heartily recommended for an even greater enjoyment of an already brilliant show.

So I recommend Once Upon a Time to everyone. If you love True Blood, Grimm and all those shows that us Geeks love spotting the detail and the under current stories beneath the stories you will completely commit. But be prepared that you will be candy caned to death this season like never before.

GS Rating: 4.5/5

GS Blogger: Amelia B

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