V Season 1 Episode 1 – Pilot

V is the reinvention of a 1983 TV miniseries of the same name. The show follows the arrival to earth of an alien species, which apparently comes in peace…

The show opens with a lost of questions, asking the audience where they were when big events happened, like 9/11. This seems to be a way of likening the arrival of the Vs to one of these major events which change the way we think today. We are then introduced to the main characters as they go through their every day lives, unaware that the aliens are on the way. Unaware, until they realise that the tremors that are making their counters and worktops shake are more than just a weird earthquake. We soon see airplanes falling out of the sky and the alien spaceship filling the horizon. People panic and immediately fill the churches to seek reassurance about the visitors.

The leader of the Vs – Anna – wants to give an interview to TV stations, but straight away refuses to do it if it will portray her and her race in a negative light. Rather than calling the interview off because of her strange request, the journalist Chad Decker (Scott Wolf) allows it to go on. The interview goes ahead, but Decker is suspicious of Anna. In the interview Anna tells her audience about life on her home planet. After the interview Decker is told that Anna wants everything she has to say to come through her, effectively drawing him closer into the visitors’ world.

FBI agent Erica (Elizabeth Mitchell) infiltrates a meeting, that she believes is for terrorists, and discovers that this group are suspicious of the Vs, they believe the Vs have been on Earth for many years and are planning to wipe out humanity and have caused the difficulties – economic and peace – that the world is suffering at the time of their arrival. The meeting is attacked by visitors disguised as human, and Erica’s partner Dale (Alan Tudyk) is revealed as a visitor, proving the belief that there have been visitors on Earth for a long time prior to the ships’ appearance over the major cities of Earth.

Ryan, a businessman who was one of the founders of the meeting, also reveals himself to be a visitor, but claims to be against the agenda of the other visitors. Erica plans to begin a resistance against the visitors.

This is an interesting start to the show. We see that the visitors, or Vs, can be similar to us in appearance, and the reactions from the main characters to the arrival of the Vs gives us an insight into them and how they are going to behave throughout the series. Many people believe that the Vs are to be venerated or worshipped, with one man even going to so far as to claim that the Vs cured his inability to walk. The fact that the Vs show up when the world is in a bad way is a subject that divides people, some are sceptical, but others faith in the Vs is cemented because of their timing. The Vs tell the world that they simply want to swap a mineral on Earth for their technological advances and then will leave Earth in peace.

Another interesting part of the pilot is the destruction that is caused with the Vs arrive – this could well be seen as an indication of what is to come

The show is incredibly fast moving, and the split of opinion about the visitors begins almost immediately. Some people believe that the visitors are not to be trusted and that they have a sinister agenda, whereas others believe that these visitors are to be worshipped and adored. The fight against what appears to be the brainwashing of the people in favour of the visitors begins within the first episode.

The first episode of the show is fast paced and works well. It immediately introduces the idea that the visitors are more than they seem to be, that they have been on Earth for a long time and opinion is divided on them and their appearance on Earth. The show introduces the relationships between the humans and Vs. It sets up the idea of the conflict between the races and the difficulties that people are going to have in fighting the Vs straight away.

GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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