V Season 1 Episode 2 – There is no normal any more

Already the façade that the visitors put up around themselves is beginning to slip. Erica has realised that they are not all they seem and have armed themselves with a very powerful weapon – devotion.

The show has very quickly moved away from the idea that the visitors are all that they seem and no more. Erica believes, since Dale was her partner for seven years, that anyone could be a visitor and that no one should be trusted. After many false starts throughout the episode, she teams up with Father Jack, who was also in the warehouse when the Vs attacked, and forms a resistance to try and fight the Vs. As well as this the disappearance of Erica’s partner Dale is being investigated by the FBI and her boss believes she is lying to him about her involvement.

At the same time, Tyler, Erica’s son has joined up with the Vs as a Peace Ambassador, even though Erica has asked him not to. Chad sets up a show that criticises the Vs and Ryan goes to an old friend and fellow traitor of the Vs to get his arm fixed and sets off a chain reaction of events that lead to his home being infiltrated and a message left for him by a mysterious person called Cyrus.

The title comes from something that Erica says to Jack – late in the episode he reminds her that she told him to act normal, and she says “there is no normal any more”. A sure reference to the fact that the world as they knew it has disappeared and they have to learn to deal with the Vs, whether they want to or not.

So far the show has been incredibly fast paced and uncomplicated. The audience is still learning about the Vs – how they think, their anatomy and what their ultimate goal is – but now that countries around the world have agreed to started diplomatic relations with them, this means that the Vs will now be able to enter the world and could well be lost among the rest of the population.

We are still no closer to knowing what the Vs ultimate goal is, but every move they make seems to make them more and more sinister. We side with Erica and her cause because we believe that this species claiming to come in peace must have a hidden agenda (and plus, we have some knowledge of the show’s previous incarnations). The show plays on our fears and makes the characters actions believable as we could see ourselves reacting to an alien invasion in much the same way.

The show has started off strong and it would be a shame for it to lose momentum after two such strong episodes. Thankfully, there is little sign of that happening, as we get more and more involved with the characters, both V and human.

GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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