V Season 1 Episode 3 – A Bright New Day

So the Vs now have visas and so can enter the US freely. Even though we are only three episodes into the series, it is painfully obvious that this is going to be a move that every country the Vs are legally granted access to is going to regret.

Erica is called to the V’s New York headquarters to help protect the Vs – a death threat has been called in. Of course, since she is deeply suspicious of the Vs, Erica does not want to protect them, but a human killing a V could possibly turn the tide even more in favour of the humans. So Erica does her job, but not without a little snooping once the job is done. From being in the V headquarters, Erica learns that the Vs uniform jackets have cameras in them that broadcast everything back to the mothership. Interesting…

By the end of the episode we learn that the whole attack was staged by the Vs and this – along with the fact that the most vehement anti-V protester, Mary Faulkner, has her mind changed and suddenly supports them – doubles up as a PR win for the Vs.

Ryan hunts down Cyrus – the man who contacted him at the end of the previous episode. Cyrus is also a V who has broken away from the leadership, or so Ryan thinks, until he tries to attack him and turn him over to the leadership. In return, Cyrus believes that he will be ‘reconnected’ as he ‘misses the bliss’. Cyrus has been turning members of the Fifth Column – the first group of Vs to rebel against their leadership.

Father Jack tries to prove his usefulness by hunting down Georgie – the man who led the meeting at the warehouse the day they were ambushed by the Vs. They eventually find one another and in the end Georgie brings Ryan to his meeting with Erica and Jack.

Dale woke from his coma at the end of the previous episode. In this episode he is brought through a spirit or dream journey in order to try and remember who attacked him – he is suffering from Post Traumatic Amnesia. Once he realises it was Erica who attacked him, he wants to return to earth to kill her. Dale’s healer turns on him and instead kills him – but not before he gives the Fifth Column’s best to Dale.

As well as this, Tyler is reinstated into the Peace Ambassador programme and is caught with Lisa in his room when Erica comes home. Erica does not realise that she is a V, but undoubtedly this will come out in the not too distant future.

This was a particularly interesting episode of V. Now the characters are beginning to meet each other and the Vs are unveiling more and more of their sinister side the show seems to be cranking up a notch. It still can be hard to keep track of who is who and which side they are on, but this can only improve as time goes on.

There was a lot of information revealed about the Vs in this episode. We learned more about those that turned on their leaders and why. It seems that Anna and the rest of her leadership inner sanctum have some way of connecting the Vs, that leads to bliss. This is what Cyrus was willing to turn Ryan in for, and it seems to be the way that she keeps her subjects docile, emotionless and submissive. This is new information, and is bound to come up again and again throughout the series.

V, as a show, is a little cluttered and at times more than a little confusing, but if things continue to be resolved in the way that they have in this episode, it seems that V is going to get better and better. There is definitely enough traitors, secrets and lies floating around to keep the audience interested.

GS Reporter: Brogen Hayes

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