V Season 1 Episode 4 – It’s Only The Beginning

This episode of V is the first in the series so far that does not feel as scattered as the ones that have gone before. Yes, we had to get to know the characters and their different relationships and feelings towards the Vs, but it was getting messy. Now, at last, the characters are starting to come together.

The show starts with a cold opening where it looks as though the new alliance of Jack, Ryan, Georgie and Erica has already fallen apart. We actually discover that they were chasing up a V that was involved with creating the injection the V are offering to humans under the guise of it being a vitamin shot. During the course of this Erica discovers that Ryan is a V – something she suspected anyway – but since he appears to be as against the rest of his race as she is, she doesn’t turn on him. Instead, along with Georgie and Jack, they find the warehouse where the V have been manufacturing the drug they are offering to the humans and destroy it. Score one to the good guys.

This is the first evidence we have actually seen of the V experimenting on humans, but it seems to fall in line with the feeling that we have had about the V since the beginning – there is more to them than we know and we would do well to be wary of them. Especially now that they are offering magic cures.

Speaking of magic cures, Chad Decker, the journalist that Anna trusts, has a scan at one of the V Healing Centres and is told that he has six months to live. Seems convenient that only V technology could detect this, and Decker is as sceptical as the rest of us. Convenient also, that he is the only journalist that Anna will talk to and his only hope of a cure is from the V. This is bound to go bad.

Mean while, Tyler attempts to tell his mother about his involvement with the V, but since she does not give him 100% of her attention straight away he has a strop and leaves. He goes to talk to a counsellor – who just happens to be Ryan’s girlfriend Valerie. Tyler is then brought to the V ship to meet Lisa’s mother, Anna. Anna again says that he is ‘the one’ but no hint of what this actually means is given. It is sure to be something that his mother will not approve of though.

As counterpoint to how sweet Anna is to Tyler we see her seek out Dale’s killer. When he turns himself in, she orders that he be skinned. What this exactly means for a V who is under a layer of human skin as well as their own is unclear, but the end result is what we would expect; screaming and death. This is a nice contrast to the Anna that the rest of the world sees and reinforces the fact that she is a brutal dictator who is willing to do anything to protect her race.

Meanwhile, Valerie goes to a V Healing Centre and is told that she is pregnant. This should be interesting, seeing as the father of the child is a V. This is a nice little story arc that is sure to give us lots of footage through the rest of the season.

Finally in this episode we discover what the ‘bliss’ that several characters spoke of in previous episodes, actually is. Anna enters some sort of pool that allows her essence to be broadcast throughout the ships and the cities beneath them. This essence brainwashes (for want of a better word) those who are exposed to it into being reassured that the Vs have come to Earth for a good reason and they will never be alone again – basically playing on our primal needs.

Hopefully this episode of V is a template for the rest of the season. The episode is clear and well written, the relationships between the characters are becoming clearer and stronger. Their motivations are becoming more obvious as we learn more about them. We still have a lot to learn about the Vs, but if future episodes follow a similar format to this one, then we will enjoy the process rather than wondering ‘who is that guy’?

GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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