V Season 1 Episode 5 – Welcome to the War

There are several pressing issues in this episode of V. Valerie is pregnant with Ryan’s baby. She is completely unaware that Ryan is a V and it is very clear that this is not going to be a normal pregnancy. Father Jack has been stabbed and is taken to a V healing centre for emergency care. While there, he is injected with R6 – the V mystery drug that he and the rest of the rebels destroyed. Tyler is still on the V ship, which means that Erica spends most of the episode trying to get him back. Anna is trying to get to the bottom of the rebel attack and chooses a mate to help her breed an army to take on the Fifth Column. As well as all of this, we are introduced to an entirely new character – Kyle Hobbs – a mercenary who is scapegoated by the Vs then brought in to help by Erica and her band of mismatched rebels.

There is a lot going on in this episode, but now that the overall plot is starting to fall into place, this feels like one of the more organised episodes of the show so far.

The sub plot of Valerie’s pregnancy means that the character has moved slightly more into the focus. She is still not given a lot to do – other than worry about her unborn ‘child’ – but there is no doubt that this storyline is going to be one of the most important through the rest of the season. The Vs were told that they cannot procreate with humans, this pregnancy is an anomaly and Anna is sure to want to get her claws on the result of a union between a human and a V.

Father Jack is not given a lot to do in terms of the action, but the fact that he is given R6 in the V healing centre is a nice touch of irony. We also learn that the drug is a type of tracking device that allows Anna to keep track of certain humans, a fact that is sure to be detrimental to the rebels.

Tyler is still being mooted as ‘the one’ by Anna and Lisa – although not to his face. His memories are scanned by Anna, which leads to some scornful dialogue about human emotion – could this be the way that the Vs are going to get to the humans? By turning their emotions against them? Tyler is finally released from the ship and goes home to Erica. He reveals to her that he is a member of the V Peace Ambassador programme. There is a nice little moment here – Tyler shows his mother the jacket he was given and she, knowing that there is a camera in the jacket – has to guard her words because the Vs are watching. This is the first time that Tyler has been honest with his mother, but instead of this leading to open and honest communication between the two, there is another layer of lies added to their relationship. Tyler has developed into a fairly bland character, but we learn a lot about the rest of the gang through their interactions with him and the way they use him.

Anna is still being manipulative, but she is allowing more and more of her true self to slip through. After she mates with an officer on her ship – in a very strange, still mating ritual – she devours him, allowing the audience to see her true physical face and the underside of her nature, which – so far – she has kept carefully hidden.

New character Kyle Hobbs is a mercenary and weapons expert. He is framed by the Vs for the attack on the warehouse, which led to their supplies of R6 being destroyed. Erica, curious as to why the Vs targeted him – recruits him to her side of the battle, for a price. This is what is interesting about the character. So far, every character has had strong feelings – one way or another – about the Vs. Eddie does not. He joins the war against them because he is paid. This is an interesting look at normal people within the show; we feel that they all have an opinion on the Vs, but obviously not everyone does, some people are just trying to get on with their everyday lives.

Once again, a little more has been revealed in this episode, but a lot has also been established for future arcs of the story line. One thing is for sure though, the war against the Vs has really begun in this episode, but with family members and loved ones – like Tyler and Valerie – being involved, this is going to get dirty.

GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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