V Season 1 Episode 6 – A Pound of Flesh

This episode of V is designed to be about sacrifices that the characters make for the greater good in the struggle against the visitors. The main story of the episode is that the Vs have decided to instigate a programme to allow humans to live with them on the various ships hovering over the world’s major cities.

Of course, as soon as Erica hears this, she fears for Tyler, seeing as he seems to be obsessed with the Vs and everything they stand for. Erica’s sacrifice, therefore, is to take Tyler to live with his father, in order to protect him from the Vs. As sacrifices go, this is not a huge one – it means that Tyler is ‘safe’ and Erica has one less person to worry about. She also doesn’t have to pretend to be on board with the Vs when Tyler is wearing his creepy V camera jacket. Seems to be a bit of a win win situation for Erica, really.

Ryan’s sacrifice is not really a sacrifice either – he has to go onto the V ship in order to broadcast a message on behalf of the Fifth Column, to get the sleeper members to rise up against the Vs. This, understandably, is not something he really wants to do and he resists as much as he can. He changes his mind when he realises that his pregnant girlfriend, Valerie, needs a dose of phosphorous to stop the pregnancy damaging her. The only place he can get such a dose is on the V ship. Of course he goes through a couple of obstacles when he gets there, but he lucks out and manages to meet Joshua and Samuel – two Fifth Column members – on the V ship. Joshua broadcasts the message for Ryan and allows him to escape back to his friends and girlfriend. Not really much of a sacrifice there either.

Meanwhile, Jack has a conversation with Decker – the Vs favourite journalist – and asks him to make sure that the Healing Centres are safe before he endorses them. Erica and her ex, Joe (Tyler’s father) talk about whether they should tell Tyler some big secret – the feeling that we get from this is that it is the same something that makes Tyler so attractive to the Vs.

The major sacrifice in the episode comes from Georgie – one of the rebels working with Erica and Ryan. When Ryan does not return from the V ship on time, Gerogie visits Valerie and discovers – rather easily – that she is pregnant, and decides to go to the V ship to try and help Ryan escape. Georgie does manage this, but in the attempt, he gets caught, and at the end of the episode, is tortured. This, presumably, is the pound of flesh that the title refers to. While it is sad that the rebels have lost a man, it is not really that much of a loss to the fight, considering that Georgie was just a little bit crazy.

Overall, the episode is entertaining, but feels a little slow. So much has been established over the past five episodes, and so much has been allowed to play out, but this feels like one of the filler episodes. It is certain that the events put into motion during this episode will have strong conclusions, but the episode itself suffered for the sake of establishing this. Another complaint – the CGI in the show seems to be getting worse – the interior of the V ship is particularly bad, and the images of this when laid side by side with the ‘real’ world jar and distract the audience from the action on screen. Let’s just hope this episode is a glitch and the story, as well as the CGI, gets back on track next week.

GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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