2033 – A Sci-fi London Movie Review

Mexican director Francisco Laresgoti has taken his homeland and moved it 33 years into our future.  The rich/poor divide is starker than ever and the population are being kept docile by a sedative being delivered to them in their food.  The state controlled media put a spin on everything and religion, has been  outlawed.

We meet Pablo the protégé of the leader , who spends his spare time taking drugs, partying and hunting poor people,  the kind of character you want to slap whilst wearing a spiked glove, but it’s not long before his loyalties are called into doubt.

Freedom fighters and the religious alike are portrayed by the media as dangerous fanatics with no regard for human life and I find it interesting in a society like ours where the current favourite pastime of the secular intelligentsia is to equate religion with lack of freedoms that this film does the opposite.  In fact one of my favourite characters is a Priest that knows how to kick ass.

The film is lavishly filmed and the sets are convincing, the fashions not too far removed from where we are to date the film.  Essentially this film has some good production values and a suprising amount of FX.  The performances are pretty good too although it took me just a little effort to completely buy Claudio Lafargo’s (Pablo’s) performance and I have to say none of the resistance are very good at rousing your sympathy but possibly their situation calls for that hardness in order to keep them alive. .

This on the surface is a basic tale of resistance fighter’s vs the state but what we have here is something refreshing.  Refreshing simply because it does not suffer from having been hollywoodised. True it did have a somewhat rushed love affair but the payoff was worth it and the ending of this moving reminds you again that this is not Hollywood.  This is a really ambtious project for a first time director and writer but they have done a good job and have left me eager for more of their work.

Mexico in 2033, not a good place to live but definitely a film to watch although those that can’t deal with subtitles may struggle as the film is in Spanish.

Here’s the trailer  – 2033 trailer

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