Advert Break – Super Human Resources issue 2

SHR #2 is available for pre-order in the January Preview. Order Code: JAN093975. Quick! Tell your comic book store before I drive this thing into a ditch and pass out. 

Here’s what some people I wrote checks to had to say about Super Human Resources:

“Part THE OFFICE, part DAMAGE CONTROL, all fun.”
– Ambush Bug, Aint It Cool News

“It’s ridiculous. It’s lunacy. It may just be the single most entertaining comic book you’ll ever read.” 
– Keith Davidson, Staff Picks / Diamond Previews

“Super Human Resources is one of the best indy books I have seen this year and by far the funniest!”
– Eric Anderson, The

“Ken Marcus e-mailed me the first three issues. Which I thoroughly enjoyed and recommend highly. “No Heroics” meets “The Office.” 
– Rich Johnston, Lying in the Gutters

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