Ant-Man Cast?

This is right out of left field but 2 good news sources are claiming that Adrien Brody is Marvels favorite to play Ant-Man.

A Latino Review reporter says:

I personally checked w/my pals at Paradigm (Adrien Brody’s agency) and at press time, YES they were pursuing Ant-Man but got nothing yet.

and AMC stated:

Take this for what its worth, but I was just told Adrien Brody is most likely going to be ‘Ant Man’ for Edgar Wright.

I am a huge fan of Adrian Brody! he is a excellent actor and he definitely has the acting chops to pull of Hank Pym or Scott lang!  i hope this one is true!

GS Reporter: Matt

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  1. Red Five /


    Adrian Brody irritates me no end.

    • matt pease /

      i think Adrien would make a better Hank Pym then Scott Lang and it’s been rumoured that both are to be featured in the film. so maybe Fillion can play Scott

  2. Adrien Brody!? Nah, not buying it.

    • matt pease /

      i can defo see it, he is a great actor so he can defo pull it off. but i guess we’ll see, this could still be a load of rubbish

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